The Team, The Team, The Team

“My work with J.Lodge set a stage and gave me a chance to grow.  With its team oriented focus, transitioning to work with the greater Cognosante family felt natural, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people.  It is only with their support that I’ve been able to overcome these obstacles.  It’s always been for ‘The Team, The Team, The Team.’”

At age 16, Anthony was diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. As an adult, he ran a technology support business, but was unable to continue due to inconsistency and a growing family. Anthony began exploring work from home options but found that most positions were designed as side jobs, meant only to generate supplemental income. With a child on the way, it was imperative to Anthony that the opportunity to become invested and grow in a position exist. He approached his local vocational rehabilitation agency, which connected him to J.Lodge.

Anthony joined the J.Lodge team in 2017, as a part-time quality analyst. His supervisors were immediately impressed with his technical skills and began utilizing his expertise on a short-term Database development project. In 2018, they asked him to join J.Lodge’s IT department on a part-time basis. Though within only three months, the need had grown, and Anthony was offered a full-time position on that team. He now develops new systems, manages client accounts for J.Lodge’s largest business partner, and handles reporting and upkeep for those accounts.

As J.Lodge became part of the Cognosante family, Anthony had the opportunity to work with the team responsible for integration of core business assets, revise policy and support projects. Using skills developed within J.Lodge he has been able to expand out into the greater corporate environment, lending his subject matter expertise to assist in new and existing Cognosante endeavors. Continuing to work as direct J.Lodge support, Anthony now also works closely with the policy review group and core engineering team to contribute to initiatives during this unprecedented shift in our workplace environment.

Anthony Lonergan, J.Lodge Information Services Support Engineer