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J.Lodge is committed to hiring Veterans and individuals with disabilities and making their working experience as rewarding and fulfilling as possible.

Our flexible work environment allows employees to work from home and on a schedule that accommodates their needs. We work with our agents to provide the best working experience, regardless of their disability.

J.Lodge employees by the numbers

  • Number of states employees work in: 31
  • Percentage of employees who work remotely: 96
  • Percentage who work part time: 90
  • Percentage who reported having a college degree: 54
Employee working on a laptop from his wheelchair.

Finding meaning: J.Lodge empowers both clients and employees

Jason Page can transform a simple telephone into a sophisticated diagnostic tool. By monitoring contact center conversations, he has saved his clients thousands of dollars and saved their customers precious time and frustration. And he has done all of this without ever meeting his clients or their customers face-to-face.

Page is a senior quality analyst for J.Lodge, a company with a unique staffing model that specializes in improving customer experiences with contact centers.

Through our quality analysts, J.Lodge monitors contact centers for quality assurance and mines the data to ensure that communications between customers and company contact centers are as productive as possible. Think customer service centers that actually succeed in serving the customer. Page monitors the call analysts to help them find ways to make contact centers more efficient.

“I’m internal checks and standards,” says Page, who works part time for J.Lodge. He monitors the analysts to “make sure we’re all listening for the right thing, grading the same way, and coaching alike.”

“It helped to know that I could have a career, have income—that’s been a godsend. … J.Lodge has helped me feel productive so I feel like an important member of society and regain my independence.”
Illustration representing meaningful insights.

But there’s more to Page’s story. While he was in college, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left him disabled. He was able to graduate with a degree in education, but being a teacher was no longer an option. He discovered J.Lodge online and learned that the company seeks out Veterans and people with physical disabilities and enables them to work from their homes anywhere in the United States. J.Lodge often recruits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and vocational rehabilitation centers.

“The great thing is, J.Lodge gives me flexibility,” says Page. “I’m able to get up when I need to. I can lie down for a few moments or walk around if I need to do that. … Yesterday, I had to have a medical procedure and wasn’t able to work for a day. J.Lodge is flexible enough that I can make that time up if I want to.” The company also worked with a vocational rehabilitation center to provide Page with office equipment, supplies, and a special chair.

This distributed workforce model not only helps employees but also gives J.Lodge a distinct advantage over the competition. “With our business model, we’re able to recruit across the entire nation,” says Amanda Rhine, vice president of client strategies at J.Lodge. “We are not held to one location or two locations or sites.” Because this model enables a larger applicant pool, it also boosts the quality of applicant.

“We are able to recruit individuals who are well-educated and have quite a bit of background skill and experience in the field,” says Christy Wilson, vice president of field operations at J.Lodge. “That’s what sets us apart: the ability to hire someone who has a bachelor’s or master’s degree and 15 years of business experience that is relevant to the position.”

Employee working on a laptop from his wheelchair.

With this level of experience and expertise to build on, J.Lodge can provide insights that might elude others. Through services that include artificial intelligence speech analysis, targeted contact monitoring, predictive analytics, and customer-simulation training, J.Lodge provides both breadth and depth as it helps brands hone their interaction with customers.

“Not only are we listening to calls for what the client wants us to listen for, but we also become experts within their business,” says Rhine. Call analysts use their experience to go beyond the conversations themselves and look for the insights that lead to improved revenue and decreased costs for the client.

The premium that J.Lodge places on experience results in employees who tend to stick around. “After that first two-week training period, our attrition rate is less than one percent,” says Wilson, who started in an entry-level position 10 years ago. “That’s unheard of for the call center and quality monitoring industry.”

As far as Page is concerned, working for J.Lodge has improved his life in two ways.

“I like to socialize,” he says. “When you’re not out there going to a place of business, you miss that engagement and that interaction with different people. J.Lodge has helped me do that.

“It also helped me feel independent again,” he says. “It helped to know that I could have a career, have income—that’s been a godsend. … J.Lodge has helped me feel like a productive, important member of society and regain my independence.”

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