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Guided by innovative technology and driven by a highly educated workforce, J.Lodge delivers the results you need to improve your customer service through contact center quality assurance and data analytics.

Save Time and Resources

Focus on critical operational issues and improve service quality with J.Lodge to lower your costs.

Flexible Hosted Systems

Cover all your database management, reporting, and call recording needs.

Real-Time Feedback

Get specific, actionable recommendations for innovation and improvement.

Service Quality Insights

With a third-party review from our skilled analysts, measurements are sure to be objective and result in accurate metrics.

Our Solutions

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Enhanced Call Monitoring
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Case Management
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Customer Satisfaction
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Predictive Analytics

Jackie Lodge: The Story Behind the J.Lodge Name

Jackie Lodge, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy soon after birth, lost both of his parents in a car crash at a young age. He found solace in the staff and clients at New Lisbon Developmental Center, where he lived from age 11 on. His condition worsened over time, leaving him with mobility of only his tongue and chin. In a life that might seem dull to most, Jackie managed to shine.

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If you get satisfaction from helping others and you’re looking for a home to grow your career and skills, we’d like to meet you. From customer service representatives to case managers and quality analysts, we offer limitless opportunities to build a rewarding career with us. See all of our open positions and apply today!