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Build solutions for your customers that are based on their spoken and unspoken needs. By using our talented contact center quality analysts, along with our suite of easy-to-use speech analytic tools and MyQuality, our flexible, powerful and intuitive reporting application, you’ll soon find the nuggets of business gold that have been locked up inside your customer interactions.

Inside your data is a treasure trove of meaningful, impactful information that drives business success. Bring all your data together in an easy-to-use interface and quickly identify the root causes that are holding you back with a clear, easy-to-define search tool that spots trends before they become issues and solves issues before they become problems.

We monitor your contact center interactions to identify the origins of the customer issues that existed inside your data, then provide you with a metrics-based call center quality assurance solution that solves those issues. By partnering with J.Lodge, our experienced, business-savvy team of analysts can build a business intelligence machine that changes the way you do business.

The bar is set. Deliver customer experience in the public sector.
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What Happens When Great Analysts Use Great Speech Analysis Tools?
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Is getting actionable, reliable information from your data the elephant inside the room? J.Lodge shows you, clearly and simply, where the opportunity lies inside your contact center data.

Since 1999, J.Lodge has been helping businesses learn more about what lies inside their customer service data and taming unfiltered tables of reporting into precise business recommendations. By using our comprehensive suite of speech analytics, analysis, coaching and measurement tools, your company will have the knowledge and guidance it needs to capitalize on new opportunities and create effective responses to your customer’s needs.

We place the highest priority on hiring military veterans and Americans with disabilities to work with our company, because we are committed to improving the lives of our employees as we improve the bottom line of our clients.

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