Our Hiring Model

What sets us apart

We are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment that encourages and supports a diverse workforce. Our employee model is a testament to that.

Our employee model works because our employees are experienced and prepared

We find the best talent and empower them with a flexible schedule and work environment so they do their best work on behalf of our clients.

Most of our employee population consists of Veterans and U.S. workers with disabilities who have extensive business experience and high levels of education, yet often go unnoticed in the job market. All based in the United States and able to work from anywhere, we identify talent using a hybrid sourcing and hiring model that expands access to talent and ensures you get the best and brightest the job market has to offer. In addition to our internal recruiting team, we maintain partnerships with nationwide and State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (SVRAs) and veteran transition organizations to create awareness of employment opportunities to transition into full-time employment in areas aligned to their strengths.

I wanted to focus on providing fulfilling, professional career opportunities. I wanted to create an environment where anyone, especially physically challenged Veterans, can come and work.
A woman talking on a headset.

All our agents have:

  • A personal computer
  • High-speed internet connection
  • A quiet home/work environment
  • Computer application skills

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