The Team, The Team, The Team

“My work with J.Lodge set a stage and gave me a chance to grow.  With its team oriented focus, transitioning to work with the greater Cognosante family felt natural, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people.  It is only with their support that I’ve been able to overcome these obstacles.  […]

Overcoming Obstacles in the Workplace

Becky Young joined the Ticket to Work program in 2006, which she credits with giving her a start in her current field. In 2012, after Becky’s Ticket to Work position had ended, Becky was approached by a colleague who had come to J.Lodge. She joined the company in 2013 as a part-time quality analyst. She […]

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM): A Commemorative Year

Each October, we observe National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which celebrates workers with disabilities and reminds employers of the importance of inclusive hiring practices. This year marks the 75th observance of the NDEAM and the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. To commemorate the NDEAM and the ADA, we met with employees to […]

Conducting root cause analysis of customer service escalations

Case study: Customer service issues The challenge: A Fortune 50 telecommunications provider had concerns about the number of calls being escalated in its customer care department. Using a speech analytics solution, the client observed that 1.2 percent of its call center phone calls were being escalated to a supervisor. To reduce these escalations, the company […]
Case study

Verifying customer authorization through speech analytics

Case study: Customer authorization The challenge: A Fortune 500 corporation was experiencing low purchase authorization compliance, which damaged relationships with customers and could have resulted in legal issues. To authenticate customer orders and prevent unauthorized charges, the company contacted J.Lodge to initiate a purchase authorization compliance program within its contact centers. The solution: In just […]
Case study

Unleashing the potential of customer contact center data

Today’s typical contact center operation is perched between promise and peril. The importance of customer contact centers has increased, even in the ubiquitous world of e-commerce. Human-to-human interaction, coupled with new and emerging technologies, can have a profound impact on a brand’s services, products, and overall customer experience. The ability to harness insights from nuanced […]
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