Regulatory Compliance

No more legal hassles

The J.Lodge analytics teams are experts at confirming agent compliance within your regulatory environment. With our data analysis solutions, we help you avoid costly complications and stay within company policy and procedure by verifying important legal and regulatory compliance checkpoints in every call.

Avoid a public relations nightmare with our meticulous monitoring and call auditing procedures. We work with you to find potential trouble spots in your contact center and help you implement corrective measures to keep you on track and well within the bounds of the law.

Our Work in Action: On the good side of the Do Not Call list

A large industry-leading corporation needed to improve its compliance with the national Do Not Call (DNC) list. J.Lodge worked with each contact center to reduce failure to adhere to the DNC list by giving concrete examples of protocol, training staff on correct procedure, and adding a feature to the dashboard to notify the supervisor when there was noncompliance.
Illustration representing the root cause.
Identify root causes
Using speech analytics, we identified purchase consent within a call to ensure compliance was being met.
Illustration representing data analysis.
Targeted monitoring
By conducting call calibrations with the contact center’s vendors, we ensured program buy-in with all involved parties.
Illustration representing calibration management.
Implement training
WIth a top-to-bottom approach, we empowered agents and vendors to maintain legal compliance.

Purchase-authorization compliance rose

31% in 18 months

keeping the client clear of legal issues and improving their relationships with customers.

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