Customer Simulation Training

Training for the real world

Prepare your agents for success with our customer simulation training. After assessing thousands of hours of your calls, we know where the trouble spots are. Then, in our role-play training, we act as customers would in a real-world situation to ensure your agents are ready for anything. Our training sessions target specific issues related to your business and provide valuable one-on-one feedback to improve an individual’s performance. Weekly check-ins give your agents the support they need to keep ramping up their results and their confidence.

Our Work in Action:
How training and tool changes create half a million in savings

An S&P 500 corporation wanted to know how to increase the efficiency of their technical support calls. J.Lodge analyzed thousands of phone calls, software databases, instant messenger conversations, and manager accounts to decrease the average handle time.
Process adherence
Calls that included unnecessary steps increased average handle time. These steps occurred in 50% of calls.
Unnecessary delays
Long gaps of dead air and placing customers on hold prior to transferring them to the next department added 4 minutes to the call on average.
Additional support
Assisting customers with the installation of third-party software (internet browser, Windows Live Mail) added 10 minutes to the call.

Decreased average handle time by

43 seconds = $567,000 in savings.

With changes to usage of software tools and process training, J.Lodge was able to help the S&P 500 corporation drastically reduce the average wait time, improve customer satisfaction, and save the company over half a million dollars.

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