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Now Hiring: Recruiter

Now Hiring: Recruiter

Position Purpose

Responsible for interviewing, testing, and referring applicants for clerical, technical, administrative and management positions throughout the Company. Considerable skill in interviewing techniques, a good knowledge of all clerical and specialized functions in the Company, a basic understanding of the Company’s organizational structure as well as an extensive knowledge of personnel policy and procedure and federal and state laws regarding employment practices.

Because an approximate number of full-time employees will terminate during the course of a year, the objective is to replace these lost employees as quickly and economically as possible.

Analyze the information provided on a prospective employee’s application form, conduct a personal interview. Determine the suitability of the applicant for employment. In cases where an applicant is judged unqualified, tactfully turn the applicant away. When the information provided indicates a good potential employee. Performs further background reference investigation, i.e., prior employment references, transcripts, etc. to gain adequate information on which to base a selection decision. Take into consideration previous experience, education, etc.


Follow up with the related clerical aspects of employment, such as completing of health, employment, and insurance forms, notifying the department of employee’s starting date and the requisition the employee is filling, etc.

“Promote from within” policy, should be, involved in the posting program. Under this program openings at all levels are posted, and employees can apply for any position for which they feel qualified.

Assist in recruitment efforts.

Act as liaison with area employment agencies, preparation and liaison with advertising agencies, processing and checking advertising agency billings, liaison with temporary agencies, recording status of authorized positions within the corporations, employment verifications, employee referral program.

Completion of weekly report on employment activity, exit interview on terminating employees, completion of unemployment claims, representation at unemployment hearings, and finally, orientation of new employees.


This position requires an extremely perceptive person, who is capable of relating to individuals at all levels. As unique situations present themselves, the incumbent must be sensitive to corporate needs, employee goodwill, and the public image.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • At least (2) years related experience.

Reports To: Human Resource Manager
Job Title: Account Manager
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Department / Group: Human Resources
Date Posted: 04/23/18
Travel Required: Yes
Contact Person: Kristopher Marlow
Contact Email:

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