Now Hiring: Ingestion Manager

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November 20, 2018

To keep J.Lodge clients’ analytic programs running, Ingestion Managers ensure that J.Lodge clients’ contact center data and call recordings are successfully received and processed in our speech analytics system and reporting application on a daily basis. J.Lodge Ingestion Managers compare the volume of data ingested to the volume reported to be sent by the client, investigates any discrepancies, and works with the appropriate contacts to resolve any issues with the ingestion process. This position reports to the Director of Internal Operations and fosters partnerships with internal teams, J.Lodge partners, and with the client’s management staff and call center vendors.

As an Ingestion Manager, a typical day includes the following:

  • Export data from speech analytics applications and manipulate for data comparison and reporting.
  • Download large spreadsheets (CSV) from secure FTP sites; analyzing data with pivot tables.
  • Identify discrepancies and anomalies in data ingestion patterns.
  • Communicate with client staff, contact center vendors, and J.Lodge suppliers to resolve missing data or processing failures.
  • Communicate with internal J.Lodge staff to report any issues identified and resolution updates.


This position might be for you if:

  • You pay attention to the details. You stay focused and don’t let issues go by unnoticed and unaddressed.
  • You are driven and self-motivated. Take ownership of your time and seek ways to add value to the organization.
  • You can prioritize and multi-task while working with many moving parts. See issues through to resolution while consistently keeping a pulse on the situation.
  • You communicate clear and concise and are comfortable communicating in writing and on the phone.
  • You have a basic level of understanding of databases and reporting applications.
  • You have proficient knowledge of office productivity tools including email, calendars and meeting invites.
  • You have proficient knowledge of MS Excel: manipulating large volumes of data, building summaries, charts and pivot tables; and you’re able to find and filter data.
  • You have an Associate degree or equivalent experience.

A Plus!

You have field experience with contact centers and/or voice analytics platforms.

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