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Correct And Speedy
Call Resolution Doesn't
Just Happen

Streamlining your processes with a partnership with J.Lodge produces an immediate return on investment.

Contact us today, and we can show you how to solve your customer’s tech support questions and solve your return on investment questions at same time.

Support That Builds Success

Tech support calls can eat up time and valuable resources, and quickly defining your customer’s issues and resolving their problems quickly and successfully on the first call is the key to contact center success. J.Lodge has an outstanding track record of producing efficient First Call Resolution and Average Handle Time metrics on tech support calls, leading to lower costs and improved customer care satisfaction scores.

Our metrics-based technical support quality monitoring programs focus on identifying obstacles, finding revenue opportunities, and improving customer satisfaction. J.Lodge agents have been exceptionally well-trained to provide technical monitoring and support programs that improve the management and operations of tech support contact centers for some of America’s largest corporations.

Real World Result

J.Lodge worked with an S&P500 corporation to find out the best way to lower handle times on wireless network tech support calls. After listening to thousands of calls and analyzing what was said and how it was being said, we discovered that tech support agents were struggling to find the customer’s account, log into the tech support database and locate the correct knowledge base item to provide the correct answer for the customer in a timely manner.

Reduce AHT with better software, better analysis and better analystsBy increasing agent tool time-out length, revamping the documentation process in the knowledge base and improved agent coaching, we helped our client lower their Average Handle Time by over 43 seconds, saving them millions of dollars over the course of a year.

Let us show you how to improve your customer care by implementing processes, reporting and management tools for locating resources, standardizing training, better sales support, and vastly improved technical support services.

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