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Hear The Words Your Customers AREN’T Saying

Better sales agents start with better processes and better information. Contact us today, and we’ll show you the revenue that’s waiting inside your contact center database.

More Sales. Happier Customers.

Roll over the roadblocks to increased sales with a contact center analysis program that delivers verifiable, measurable and specific ways to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Lower costs, increase revenue and conversion rates

The metrics you need to identify key issues and find the best methods of standardizing support, reinforcing customer relationships and increased sales revenue already exist inside your contact center database. J.Lodge has the skills and know-how to create a call center quality monitoring program which will result in increased conversions, happier customers and more revenue with every call into your contact center.

Real World Result

A large multinational corporation found that their sales conversion rates were extremely low, despite contact center staff training and a compelling product offer. J.Lodge was tasked with finding areas of opportunity and recommend ways to increase sales conversion by 50%.

Our analysis revealed that 10% of the sales agents were outperforming their peers. We studied their methods and created a pilot program that duplicated their success across the other agents in the contact center.

By finding the best agents and using them to guide the efforts of the rest of the team, we didn’t increase sales conversions by just 50%, we increased them by over 71%.

Call Center Quality Monitoring

J.Lodge has decades of experience developing customized support programs that deliver standardized training, reporting, and support tools for agents and management alike. Let us show you how we can improve your sales agents to make them even better. 

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