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Stay inbounds and on-track with better analytics and reporting

Contact us today, and see how our expert analysts and rigorous reporting can help you avoid endless legal hassles and stay on-top of the ever-changing world of regulation compliance. 

We've Got Your Back

J.Lodge can train your contact center agents to provide accurate, timely and concise information to your customers, keeping your company’s operations running smoothly and safely away from any legal minefields.

We stay informed of any relevant changes in federal, state and local regulations, and build checkpoints into our programs that guide agents and contact centers, keeping you one step ahead of any potential legal entanglements.

Agent Verification

With our meticulous monitoring procedures and call auditing processes, we keep a lid of excess billing charges and impersonation of customers by agents that can rack up millions of dollars in legal fees and present your company with a public relations nightmare. We work with you to find potential trouble spots in your call center and help you implement the corrective measures needed to keep you on the right track and well inside the bounds of law.

Real World Result

A large industry-leading corporation recently contacted us to improve compliance with the national Do Not Call list inside their outbound call centers. We worked worked with each call center to increase awareness of where failure to adhere to the Do Not Call list was happening, how often it was happening and which agents were out of compliance with the DNC. Specific examples of non-compliance were given to each call center, DNC compliance was added to dashboard and immediate supervisor notifications were sent out when an agent failed to comply with the Do Not Call list. The effect of our top-to-bottom efforts to improve legal compliance was under 40% improvement with DNC compliance, from 50% to over 90%, in just four years’ time.

Contact us today, and let us show you how building agent checkpoints while staying safely inside legal guidelines increases customer satisfaction and maintains regulatory and legal compliance.

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