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Call Monitoring Experts

J.Lodge call monitoring improves the level of customer service within your call center.

We measure performance and improve contact center based on proven methods of metrics and coaching.

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Contact Center Monitoring And Management

We evaluate and analyze phone, chat and email conversations to facilitate agent development and identify opportunities in training and process improvement. Our team of experienced business analysts provide accurate and verifiable metrics during the auditing process. 

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Real World Result

Using speech analytics data, we found out that over one percent of the calls to the billing department of our client were being escalated to a supervisor. After analyzing those calls, we found out that 87% of those escalations were initiated by the customer, and that over 30% of the calls sent up to a supervisor were either dropped en-route or went straight to voice mail.

By looking at that data, our client strategies team recommended creating a small team of elite, empowered agents that could handle call escalations as they happened, without the involvement of a supervisor.

We take the time to learn your needs and understand your business culture. We then mold that understanding into a training regimen for our analysts, who then calibrate themselves with the specific attributes of your business processes and culture. Our analysts average over a dozen years of prior business experience, and can quickly adapt to how you do business.  Thoroughly trained to notice trends and offer solutions, they know your business as well as you do.  

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