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THE most effective method for improving agent performance inside your call center.

Find out what works best in training and process improvement, and then facilitate agent development with our innovative and pace-setting suite of products.  

Talk with us. We’re all ears.

Identify opportunities in real-time, then receive data-driven solutions for reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction with a J.Lodge Quality Monitoring program. We listen, monitor, and report on what’s really going on inside your contact center so your supervisors can concentrate on maximizing customer care, business processes, and return on investment.

Another Happy J.Lodge Customer

I wanted to thank you and J.Lodge for another successful checkpoint! You are always on top of everything and right there available when technical issues arise! You have kept me on schedule throughout and I cannot thank you enough. It has been truly a pleasure to work with the team at J.Lodge, you have been an integral part of getting our new hires up and running, 1 million times, thank you!!! Please never change!!!

Objective metrics and intelligent decision-making are what separates great customer care operations centers apart from all the rest. J.Lodge can show you how to increase revenue by standardizing reporting, identifying and replicating positive interactions and strengthening customer relationships with better data and better decisions, resulting in better sales agents and more revenue in your call centers.

Increase First Call Resolution and lower Average Handle Time with standardized scripting, identifying in call escalation and optimizing your internal processes for pain-free customer support. Learn how we train agents and management alike how to monitor and improve technical support centers for companies of all sizes.

Your customers are telling you, every single day, how they want to engage more with your business and where their pain points are. Creating a data-driven business analytics plan using the quality monitoring software and business experience that J.Lodge provides lets you clearly define what’s working inside your organization and where improvements need to happen.

The J.Lodge analytics team are experts at confirming agent compliance with your regulatory environment. With our data analysis solutions, we help you avoid costly complications by verifying important legal and regulatory compliance checkpoints inside each call.

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