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Find the untapped sources of revenue hidden inside your call centers

Don’t leave money on the table: Contact us today and see how we make good call centers into great call centers, and great call centers into industry leaders.

Help Your Hard Work Pay Off

You’ve spent countless hours making sure your products and services are the very best. Now make sure your sales teams are working at their very best with a quality assurance program from J.Lodge. We take the time to learn your unique value proposition and how you position yourself in the marketplace, then we analyze how your agents are presenting what you have to offer to your customers. Our experienced and multi-talented agents pour over your calls to find out what’s performing as expected and what needs improvement, then we work with you to develop a sales improvement strategy based on your data and how you do business. 

Real World Result

The outbound telephone sales department of a large nation-wide corporate tasked J.Lodge with identifying what issues were affecting sales inside their near-shore outbound call centers.  

Our analysis revealed that two of their three centers were performing at a level that met or exceeded other call centers , however, language and cultural barriers in the third center were having a negative impact on sales revenue. By implementing an agent-level assessment program to determine which agents in particular were having the biggest negative on sales, then training them to reduce the language and cultural barriers, we reduced negative impact on sales by over 21% and brought that specific call center up to a standard that was much more consistent with the client’s other call centers.

Keeping the sales engine running smoothly is easier if you know where the friction points are, and why friction is happening. We provide the data results  on what’s holding your customers back and then use that information to give specific, actionable and measurable suggestions that will positively impact sales revenue and business growth. Contact us today, and let us help tune up your sales teams.

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