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Streamline your operations with information that comes straight from your customers

Perfectly match your resources to customer demand by analyzing what your customers are saying about how you do business. Let us show you what is working and what needs to be overhauled with a J.Lodge quality assurance program. 

Optimize Everything Based Your Data.

Finding the right balance between your customer demands and your available resources can tax your patience to the limit. We make it easier four you to reduce cost and lower overhead while still keeping your customers happy. Our trained, experienced and highly-skilled analysts have the tools and background to find out what processes and systems inside your business are working at peak capacity and which ones can be improved. We take the time to listen to how your customers interact with your business, then find their pain points and make data-driven recommendations to help you run things so they respond quickly to your customer demands. 

Real World Result

Time is money, and excess time spent on customer service calls wastes the customer’s valuable time and costs you money. When a major sanitation and recycling company needed to lower costs in their contact center, we were brought in to help find where the conversations were grinding to a halt and what could be done to make calls more efficient. By monitoring customer calls, we found inconsistencies in how accounts were being verified, transferred and routed throughout the client’s contact centers. Our analysis and recommendations on reducing call length saved them $1.6 million dollars over the next fiscal year.

A lean, agile organization needs accurate results monitoring to enact the changes needed to keep it ahead of the competition. That feedback starts with the best quality monitoring process available, and that’s what J.Lodge provides.

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