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Data-Driven Marketing Made Easy

Let us show you how we can optimize your marketing program with the user feedback that’s waiting for you inside your contact center call database. 

Customer-Focused Growth

Find the right mix of product offering and pricing by analyzing customer conversations. Our analysts and reporting tools empower you to make decisions based on what the customers themselves saying in response to your company’s offerings.

With every phone call they make into your sales support and tech support lines, your clientele is telling you what is working well for them and where they are struggling. J.Lodge’s talented analysts can show you the products and services they don’t like or the ones they think need improving. Then, using that feedback, we provide specific, metrics-based recommendations that will take your marketing to the next level. 

Real World Result

One of America’s largest telecommunications companies wanted to know why enrollment in automatic bill payment was so low. After analyzing the data, we found out that less than half of all calls even mentioned auto bill pay. However, on those few calls when the benefits of program were discussed, enrollment in the system was through the roof.

We sat down with our client and worked out a detailed agent training program that covered the importance of auto-pay to their callers, and we then worked with the billing team to help educate the customer about how auto bill pay helps them as well.

When this was completed and put in place, auto bill pay enrollments skyrocketed 87%, reducing call volume by 11% and saving the company over a half-million dollars every year.

J.Lodge analysts monitor customer interactions and provide data-driven insights into customer behavior that translate into reliable foundations for optimizing your organization’s customer experience and maximizing your profitability.

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