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J.Lodge combines the best speech analytics tools available with experienced data analysts and our world-class reporting tools to give you a win-win-win situation. Find out more.

Round Up Your Data With Speech Analytics

Get out in front of big data by using a speech analysis and interpretation solution from J.Lodge. We can show you how speech analytics can corral the data that’s inside your contact center records and use it to open new horizons of revenue and customer satisfaction.

We provide an integrated analytics solution that is unrivaled for power, price, performance, and ease of use.

Key Features

  • Easy To Use
    The user interface is browser-based, very intuitive and needs only a short training session to master.
  • Speech-to-Text
    Converting recordings to transcribed text makes searches for keywords and phrases much easier.
  • Configurable
    Tired of “one-size-fits-all” speech analytics solutions that force you to work by their rules? So are we.
  • Cloud-Based and Secure
    Get up and running faster and stay up and running with an affordable SaaS-based system
Spot The Elephant In The Room

Speech analytics, data analysis, and strategies from J.Lodge give your company almost limitless opportunities to round up the vital business intelligence that’s waiting for you inside your contact center data. Let us show you how best-in-class analysis and cutting-edge technology can team up to change how you do business in today’s data-driven world.

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