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Quickly Find and Fix the Root Cause

J.Lodge gives you the tools and talent to spot and fix problems inside your call center. Contact us today to find out how we do it.

Find The Problem. Fix The Problem.

You can’t solve problems you don’t know exist, and that’s where J.Lodge can help. We comb through your contact center data, looking for the calls and contact records that indicate where your customers are running into problems, and why they are happening inside your call center. We provide the third-party analysis and the insight needed to heal the pain points that are holding back your sales, we have a track record of process improvement that speaks for itself. Since 1999, we have been solving problems for some of America’s biggest corporations, and we can put those same solutions and expertise to work on your problems as well.

Real World Result

A Fortune 100 Cable Mass Media Corporation found they lacked consistency and clarity in their contact center reporting and training, obscuring what was really happening with their customer service. J.Lodge piloted a quality monitoring program  to drive improvements in FCR, CSAT, Transfer Rates, and Conversion Rates.

Creating better customer service with better software and sales dataBy standardizing their Quality Monitoring reporting, developing a Best Practices training program and creating an Agent Coaching model, we increased customer service scores, reduced callbacks and saved the clients millions of dollars by greatly reducing the need for a technician to come out to the homes of their customers.

Gleaning useful, actionable information and measurable results from contact center data is what we do. We provide the experienced, professional analyst and the technical know-how needed to smooth over the bumps in the customer journey and turn good customers into fans of how you do business.

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