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Build A Roadmap For Success

Open up a whole new world of contact center excellence with MyQuality, the easy to use yet powerful contact center reporting tool from J.Lodge. Experience unparalleled access to actionable business intelligence from inside your contact centers by creating and sharing reports that move your business forward.


Scorecards Developed Around YOUR Business Needs

MyQuality puts you in charge of your contact center data. With MyQuality, you create the reports that you need for your contact center to thrive in today’s ever-changing business world. MyQuality is built using your call center quality assurance forms, and can easily ingest data in almost format so you can have instant access to your data, your way.

Customized Dashboards

Quickly go from a “10,000” foot on the overall health of your customer service program right down to monitoring individual agent performance by creating a customized dashboard that give you the depth of and breadth of information you need to drive your customer service to new heights.

Actionable Reporting

MyQuality by J.Lodge isn’t designed to give you just facts and figures of your contact center, rather, it’s designed to give you the facts to figure out what’s working and what’s not working inside your contact center. MyQuality can quickly show you how your key performance indicators are trending, giving you the insight you need to make good contact centers great, and great contact centers into industry leaders.

Performance Coaching

Designed to meet any scoring methodology, MyQuality lets you build scorecards for call centers, regions or down to individual agents, and can integrate training and coaching links as well as links to audio files and other resources. MyQuality can be set up with in-app guidelines and tips to help manage coaching sessions, leading to better-trained, more productive agents.

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