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Take Reporting To New Levels

Many organizations today track contact center quality through a self-made XLS with limited access to reporting.  MyQuality eliminates the hassle of manual entry, scattered reporting, and attaching XLS files to email a simple report.


Change Your Call Center Game

MyQuality database easily provides dashboard-to-detail reporting with drilldown capability. Role-based permissions allows you to decide the level of detail and who has access to sensitive corporate information.


Myquality was built around the concept that you are in charge of your data and your reporting. You can see the big picture inside your contact center operations with high-level summary reports and yet quickly drill down to investigate how individual agents are performing.

With MyQuality, you can quickly create the custom quality assurance reports that you need to make informed, data-driven decisions on what’s working inside your contact center.

MyQuality delivers exquisite charts and graphs with the touch of a button, showing trending by attribute, agent, call center, question, or any combination thereof.

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