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Effective Planning Requires Useful Data

Putting thoughts into action and plans into motion are what our analysts do best. We use your goals and your data to build strong contact centers. Find out how we do it.

Knowledge Is Power

Better information leads to better plans and that leads to better results. Our data analysts take the rock-solid information generated from queries into your contact center database and analyzes them to come up with specific and definitive plans of action to correct or improve your contact center operations.

Real World Result

A Fortune 150 company tasked J.Lodge with increasing first call resolution on wireless router tech support calls. We analyzed the efficiency of tech support calls, including call flow, process adherence, agent knowledge, and knowledge databases available to assist agents with calls.

After our analysis was complete, we recommended that the company provide better first-line access to the knowledge database and assign vendors a point of contact so that accurate product information was always on-hand for the agents to use. As a result of this and other recommendations we provided, unresolved tech support calls with wireless routers went down 85% compared to the previous year.

We hire successful, knowledgeable people with years of business experience, then empower them with the best data analysis tools available. Our analysts have on average over four years of years of college experience and a dozen or more years of business experience. They take the time to learn how you do business, and then analyze your contact center records looking for the details that will show the path to improved performance and higher revenue.

Better results come from better information and better recommendations, and that’s what our unbeatable team of data analysts and analyst tools provides for companies of all sizes. Our unique employee models guarantees you’ll be working with someone who wants to make a positive impact on how your company does business.

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