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9530 Marketplace Rd
Fort Myers 33912

Working with J.Lodge means more opportunity. Opportunity for our agents, and opportunity for you. Let us show you how.

Skills, Tools and Determination

We provide integrated solutions that improve the customer care experience within contact centers through speech analytics and call, email and chat monitoring, along with experienced and talented analysts. By combining state-of-the art technology with our unique employee model, we provide our clients with unmatched service levels and value.

We place the highest priority on hiring military veterans and Americans with disabilities, people who yearn for the opportunity to apply their skills inside a business environment. Recognizing this need, we structured our employee model around persons with disabilities, which provides them with the opportunity they need to succeed. By removing some of the traditional barriers that persons with disabilities face, our agents find success and empowerment by applying their expertise to our client base. This employee model has been the backbone of J.Lodge’s success and it’s just one of the things that differentiates our company from our competitors.

Why "J.Lodge"?

Inspired by a friend with cerebral palsy, our founders adopted a remarkable employee model from the very start of our company: Our mission is to employ persons with disabilities in a nationwide, virtual environment, bringing much-needed job opportunities to a well-educated yet surprisingly under-employed segment of American population. 

Our commitment to improving the lives of our quality management team forms the foundation of our commitment to improving the business operations of organizations across America and around the world. We deliver the very best in data analysis, speech analysis software, analytics tools and call center studies that help our clients reduce costs and increase company revenue while improving their customer service experience.

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